Melodic Reflections

Melodic Reflections

Melodic Reflections

“Melodic Reflections” is the first in a series of music themed paintings that I am currently working on. The Original Painting, as well as several others of this theme, are available for sale at Freeburg Pianos in Hendersonville, NC. Certified Giclee reproductions of the original work with a Certificate of Authenticity are also available for purchase through the artist, Freeburg Pianos and Fine Art America.

Just a little background about this painting:

My husband, Todd, is an amazing pianist who has played in a variety of venues. In fact, that’s how we met. He was playing for my nephew’s wedding and at the reception afterwards, we had the privilege of meeting. By God’s beautiful design, we were married six weeks later.

Todd owns a Yamaha upright and that’s what I used to photograph this painting. The violin belongs to my daughter who played when she was young. Such sweet memories. The piano and the violin sound so beautifully together that it was my desire to capture that beauty on canvas. I especially love the reflection of the keys on the violin. Like marriage, one captures the essence of the other.

Since then I have done another painting, posted on this blog, with the reflection theme in mind. The title of that painting is, “Romantic Reflections.” I show step by step the creative process of that piece. Side note, I am currently working on a similar painting but a bit more abstract. Coming soon!


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